Episode 1: Who Are We? Why a Podcast?

In this pilot episode, host Stan James and I discuss why we started the podcast, who we are, and some of the things we’re looking forward to talking about. [40 minutes]

Opening music is August by Luke Howard.

  • Casey Capshaw

    Awesome fellas. awesome.

  • BeeRomulus

    I like it. You forgot one major area that technology is affecting us: Prosthetics, bionics and, most intriguing: Titanium Grafting. Recent events with Oscar Pistorius in the Olympics have shown that the impact of semi-artificial human beings can’t be ignored any longer. What is the spiritual and sociological impact of semi-synthetic people? Where is the industry and concept of repairable, durable people headed and to what end?
    Keep ’em coming guys!

    • Stan

      Oh wow, prosthetics yes! That’s a big one, and one of the couplings of human and technology. :)

  • P&M

    Look forward to more day-to-day wisdom from the 7th Kingdom!
    Welcome to the Technium…..