Episode 3: Is Technology Making Things Better or Worse?

In the last episode of the year, Stan and Jason discuss one of the most common questions that seems to arise time and time again: Is Technology Making Things Better or Worse?  Do we need to go back to before everything was connected, or is the solution to move forward and have even more “tech”?  Let us know your thoughts below!

  • Mario Negrello

    The podcast is a brain tickle, great discussion!

    I have one contingency, though. I don’t agree with the claim that privacy is a modern invention. Privacy is an inverse function of number of neighbors. Around 50 neighbors, indeed, little privacy. But as cities grow and people become more indifferent to each other, privacy naturally emerges. I would surmise that one could live very ‘privately’ in ancient Rome, or any past metropolis. Privacy means that you can conduct your business in private, without prying eyes. Not only that you can conceal your life from your neighbors by being discrete, but also that people care less about what others do.

    I guess that there should be historical accounts of discussions about privacy even back in Greece, though i wouldn’t know any source.

  • Steve Dundorf

    Excellent topic. Perhaps for a while, say through the mid 2000s, improved technology, for the most part, just made things better. I think we have reached a point, where technology changes/improvements need to be more carefully scrutinized. For example, is knowing where our 400 “friends” are or what they are doing or thinking at any given moment really improving our life overall? When 1 more day ticks off the life clock, did the technology we used improve what we’re seeking from life, get us toward that goal, or just mask/delay/divert/etc? As you’ve elluded to, perhaps it’s even more important now to know what we want to do with our one precious life because so much technology today has the ability to divert us down paths we may find unfullfilling/detrimental when we look back at the end. On the same note, the right technology and appropriate use of that technology may be very beneficial.