Episode 5: We’re Totally Judging You Based on Your Email Address

Stan and Jason come clean about their prejudices. We’re totally judging based on your email address domain, the type of computer you use, and whether or not your TV is setup with the correct aspect ratio. Not only that, but we’re bracing ourselves to BE judged for our biases towards technologies and our use of them as well. Have a favorite tech judgement, projection, or assumption you like to make about people? Come clean and share below!

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  • Dragonfly Delilah

    I had a gmail account but heard that google was scanning all my personal emails and chats, but now I guess they all are, so I guess I could fire up my old gmail account. I hate people who text so much, I have limited texts on my phone plan. As for smart phones, the data plans are so expensive, my husband and I can’t bring ourselves to add a $200 plus bill to our household when we can just look stuff up on our laptop before we leave home. I WISH we had GPS, internet connected smart phones. I want to check out Path, I never head of it, and I’m sick of facebook, I think facebook gets stagnant after awhile, like the same old people complaining and bragging. Have you guys noticed that you have to use tons of exclamation marks and smiley face emoticons in emails and texts in order to not come across as mad or rude or dismissive? Anyway I’m going to totally start listening to this more because I need to learn! Hey, for instance, what laptop/tablet should I buy next? This was a fun listen, thanks Stan! Your old NYC roomate, Stephenie