Episode 10: The Future of Medicine & The Transcendent Man

Is the singularity near? Stan and Jason discuss the documentary Transcendent Man about futurist Ray Kurzweil and the possibility that medicine will soon produce such vastly increased lifespans that immortality might become a possibility. Whether by extending the span of our biological selves, and/or uploading by our consciousness, we discuss the implications Ray Kurzweil’s predictions might have on human consciousness in the near future. Would you want to live forever? Or choose when you die? Tune in to hear our thoughts now!

  • Bob Minelli

    I believe that Ray is indeed an accurate predictor in terms of what is to come regarding technology. A bit optimistic, but heck so am I. 😉

  • Brad Arnold

    Once you grasp the unintuitive concept that technology advances at an exponential rate (rather than a linear one), you can make startling predictions about the future like extreme longevity in a couple of decades, or energy too cheap to meter soon:

    “A volume about the size of a #2 pencil eraser of water provides as much energy as two 48-gallon drums of gasoline. That is 355,000 times the amount of energy per volume – five orders of magnitude.” ( ).

    This phenomenon (LENR) has been confirmed in hundreds of published scientific papers:

    “Over 2 decades with over 100 experiments worldwide indicate LENR is real, much greater than chemical…” –Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center

    “Total replacement of fossil fuels for everything but synthetic organic chemistry.” –Dr. Joseph M. Zawodny, NASA

    By the way, here is a survey of some of the companies that are bringing LENR to commercialization:

    For those who still aren’t convinced, here is a paper I wrote that contains some pretty convincing evidence: