Episode 13: Would You Share?

In episode 13 Jason talks with Stan about the new short film he is writing and directing: SHARE. Taking place in a world where life-recording has been perfected and people can record their ENTIRE life experiences – all their thoughts, emotions, memories, and even fantasies – those digital memories can also be “shared” with other people in a bit of science fiction magic. Wondering how this might affect intimate relationships, Jason’s film explores one couple’s decision whether or not to “share” everything with each other. Playing off that idea, Jason asks Stan the question that’s been driving his promotional campaign, Would You Share? Tune in to find out what Stan thinks, how this might affect family history, some of the ways digital archiving is already changing Stan’s relationship with is father, and how things like ambient intimacy are already changing the ways in which we relate.

If you like the idea, please support the film’s kickstarter campaign! And if you want to see our mugs up close and personal, checkout the special video of this episode.