Episode 18: The Spiritual Singularity and the Coming Age of Transparency with Zachary Feder

This week’s episode is a bit more esoteric, and a little more unconventional, than usual. Jason sits down with Zachary Feder to discuss his talk “The Spiritual Singularity and the Coming Age of Transparency.” Jason and Zach get into how the rapid pace of technological development that is so clearly seen in the world of “things” is also happening “inside”. In other words, the ways we connect, grow, and develop as individuals is also undergoing rapid and profound changes.

Zach’s vision is one of overall optimism rooted from the belief that new generations will be raising their kids into a world of default connectedness (technological, emotional, cognitive), and in which transparency and integrity become the easiest paths to a fulfilling life.

Stan, however, challenges Zach’s utopian vision and default optimism in the face of the real world’s challenges, and the two of them enter into a lively and fascinating discussion about nothing short of the future path of humanity.

While a bit more out of the box than usual, we hope you enjoy this episode!

About Zachary Feder

Zachary is an associate with LionHeart Consulting; a business development firm based in Portland, Oregon that assists organizations in reaching greater levels of harmony, prosperity and sustainability. Zachary is particularly known for his program “The Foundation”, a system that provides individuals with a solid mental and emotional ground upon which the structures of higher consciousness can be securely built.

Video of Zachary’s talk from the What Next Conference, as put on by Integral Life.