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Episode 3: Is Technology Making Things Better or Worse?

In the last episode of the year, Stan and Jason discuss one of the most common questions that seems to arise time and time again: Is Technology Making Things Better or Worse?  Do we need to go back to before everything was connected, or is the solution to move forward and have even more “tech”?  Let us know your thoughts below!

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Episode 02: Technology in the short film “Sight”

SightIn the 2nd episode, Stan & Jason discuss the short film “Sight” and its portrayal of gamification, augmented reality, techno relationships and more!

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Episode 1: Who Are We? Why a Podcast?

In this pilot episode, host Stan James and I discuss why we started the podcast, who we are, and some of the things we’re looking forward to talking about. [40 minutes]

Opening music is August by Luke Howard.

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