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Episode 16: What We Did On Our Summer (and Fall!) Vacations

They’re back! After a long hiatus, Stan and Jason return to chat about what they’ve each been up to over the last few months that have been keeping them busy. Stan’s put some finishing touches on his fascinating self tracking app, LifeSlice and Jason’s been plugging along editing his forthcoming short film, Share.

The duo also discuss some of the different tech trends we’ve been noticing over the last few months, as well as sharing about some of the unique challenges those tech trends can present to freelancers. Can too much choice be a bad thing? Feeling decision fatigue? Should you even be listening to this podcast right now, or maybe is there something more important you should be doing? But, what if in listening to this podcast it starts a chain reaction that makes doing that thing you need to be doing easier? Why are you still reading this? Shouldn’t you just be listening by now? Only you can decide.

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